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The National History Day (NHD) organization hosts an annual contest that encourages students across the country to research a historical topic of interest and create a product that demonstrates their understanding of this research. The NHD theme for this year is "Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas".  Students are allowed to choose any topic of their choosing that relates to this theme. Once their research is complete, students create a product in one of the following categories to present their findings: paper, performance, documentary, exhibit, or website. 

Students enter their projects at the local competition levels and can then be chosen to advance to the national level. CLICK HERE to check out the amazing products created by our very own CJUHSD students.

Participation allows for the development of critical thinking, writing, and research skills. It encourages students to sharpen the 21st century college- and career- ready skills, while also

building self-esteem and confidence. Participating in this project teaches students about time-management, collaboration, and perseverance. Learn more about the many benefits of this project by clicking here.

Participating in this contest is a tremendous undertaking that takes discipline, commitment, and perseverance. Our CJUHSD students have worked tirelessly to create a product that exemplifies this year's theme. Please consider joining us in leaving some feedback for our students. Click here to access a digital bulletin board and leave our students a note of encouragement and praise. Feel free to identify any specific projects that stood out to you.

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